Terms & Conditions

The app also automatically collects and receives certain information from your computer or mobile device, including the activities you perform on our Website, the Platforms, and the Applications, the type of hardware and software you are using (for example, your operating system or browser).

1. Acceptance of terms

Podbeam is an online service that allows users create, manage and distribute their podcasts. The podcasts are managed and moderated by the creator of the podcast. To become a member of Podbeam, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms after you read this agreement, you may not use Podbeam's service. You agree that we may modify the terms of this Agreement or the Privacy Policy, in our sole discretion, by posting amended terms to this Web site. Your continued use of the service indicates your acceptance of the amended Terms of Service Agreement.

2. The service

The Service is provided by Podbeam. and you understand and agree to the following: (a) if you choose to register, you must submit a valid e-mail address and select a password and user name during the registration process; (b) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your member name and password, and all uses of your account -- whether or not you've authorized such use; (d) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of other member's contact information; (d) You agree to notify Podbeam. immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. Podbeam. will not be held liable for any loss or damage for non-compliance. In addition, you understand and agree that the content of all users, including your content, will be collected, aggregated and anonymously integrated into the Podbeam Service and that Podbeam, Inc. will use aggregated data collected from you and other users for statistical and analytical reporting purposes. You understand, and agree that, unless expressly stated, Podbeam. in no way controls, verifies, or endorses any of the information contained on or in the Podbeam service outside official documentation. This includes links, group actions, and messages.

3. Registration

Registration is required to create or participate on Podbeam. As part of the registration process for the Service, you agree to: (a) provide certain limited information about you as prompted to do so by the Service (such information to be current, complete and accurate); and (b) maintain and update this information as required to keep it current, complete and accurate. You agree that you have provided, and will continue to provide accurate, up to date, and complete information about yourself.

You represent that any user name or email address selected by you, when used alone or combined with a second or third level domain name, does not interfere with the rights of any third party and has not been selected for any unlawful purpose. You acknowledge and agree that if such selection does interfere with the rights of any third party or is being selected for any unlawful purpose, we may immediately suspend the use of such name or email address, and you will indemnify us for any claim or demand that arises out of your selection. You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable to you in the event that we are ordered or required by a court or judicial authority, to desist from using or permitting the use of a particular domain name as part of a name or email address. If as a result of such action, you lose an email address, your sole remedy shall be the receipt of a replacement. Podbeam reserves the right to delete accounts created by users who appropriate the name, likeness, email address, or other personally identifiable information of another individual. Podbeam. reserves the right to refuse its service to any user.

4. Site Content

You are entirely responsible for any content you post on Podbeam, including, but not limited to, photos, personal information, and forum messages. You understand and agree that Podbeam may delete or deactivate any podcast or episode at any time for any reason. Grounds for deletion or deactivation include, but are not limited to, fraudulent content or content that violates any of the terms of Service detailed in this document. You understand and agree that Podbeam may review from time to time and delete any content that violates this Terms of Service or which might be offensive, illegal, or harm the safety of or violate the rights of other users and members.

5. Security

You agree you will not, and will not allow any other person to, violate or attempt to violate any aspect of the security of the Web Site. You agree you will, in no way, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, copy, or cause damage or unintended effect to any portion of the Web Site, or any software used on the Web Site, and that you will not permit any other person to do so. The users of Podbeam understand that any such violation is unlawful in many jurisdictions and that any contravention of law may result in criminal prosecution.

Examples of violations are: Accessing data unlawfully or without consent. Attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures; Attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of overloading, "flooding", "mail bombing" or "crashing"; Taking any action in order to obtain services to which you are not entitled.

6. Spamming Policy

You agree not use the Services for spamming. Spamming includes, but is not limited to:

The bulk sending of unsolicited messages, or the sending of unsolicited emails which provoke complaints from recipients. The sending of junk mail. The use of distribution lists that include people who have not given specific permission to be included in such distribution process. Excessive and repeated posting off-topic messages to newsgroups. Excessive and repeated cross-posting. Email harassment of another user, including but not limited to, transmitting any threatening, libelous or obscene material, or material of any nature which could be deemed to be offensive. The emailing of age inappropriate communications or content to anyone under the age of 18.

7. Links to Third Party Sites

Any web sites that are accessible from Podbeam and take you out of Podbeam are not under our control and we shall not be responsible for your dealings with those websites. Be sure you to read the policies, terms and conditions of any web site that you visit.